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Listed below are the details for therapists who have undertaken Sharon Wheeler’s Scarwork training with an accredited tutor near the location you have selected. If the therapist has completed supplementary specialist ScarWork training, to further support their skills and knowledge, they will have this detailed under the label ‘Further Training Attended’. Please note, we take no responsibility for any treatment given by a therapist. Therapy professionals with a range of background specialisms complete Sharon Wheeler’s ScarWork training, we recommend when booking, you discuss your individual requirements with the therapist to find a suitable match.


Currently there are therapists identified in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Alaska, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Israel, Namibia, Australia and Hawaii.

Updates to Therapists Details

If therapists want to update their details on this page, please email the changes to


Find a Therapist
Find a Therapist