An important role for the ScarWork research committee is to help fund research that will progress the treatment of scars.

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This site is dedicated to furthering the knowledge of ScarWork, expanding the practitioner base through training,  providing easy access for people to find nearby practitioners and publicising and developing the ongoing ScarWork research projects.


Free ScarWork appointment within supervised training clinics

Experience the gentle approach of ScarWork, provided free, by experienced therapists whilst they practice their ScarWork technique under guidance of their tutors. We welcome clients to attend who have any type of trauma or surgery scar tissue (including damage in the deeper layers under the skin, as a result of an injury or surgery and smaller scars including keyhole surgery procedures).

During ScarWork training courses we need scar models for the students to work with. The students (some who will be on advanced courses) will be supervised throughout the training appointment and you will receive the benefits of therapy, whilst the learners will be practicing their new techniques.  The students are already qualified therapists, usually in massage or other physical therapies.

When you apply for a treatment, and before your therapy session begins, you will be asked how the scars were produced, through accident or surgery. We will enquire if you have pain, discomfort or mobility issues. This is to gain understanding of the trauma, your health and the direction of movement of the soft tissue.

ScarWork therapy should feel comfortable to receive and after the session clients usually notice an improvement, even in scars which are decades old, so it’s never too late to come and experience a session.

Clinics are run sporadically around the UK at different venues. There is often limited privacy screening at the training venues, but at all times your privacy will be respected and your comfort and well being assured.

Please contact the separate ScarWork training providers listed below to subscribe for notifications of all supervised training clinics. You can unsubscribe at any time.



Updates to Therapists Details

If therapists want to update their details on the Find-a-Therapist page, please email the changes to



About ScarWork

ScarWork has a unique approach to working with scars, taking a much more gentle approach than traditionally used, allowing the body to relax and heal rather than any thoughts of breaking down the scar tissue.

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Find a Therapist

If you would like to experience the benefits of ScarWork. We have the full list of all therapists available for view here.


This page gathers together the many useful resources available for use and purchase for ScarWork therapists.

Practitioner Training

Training is available in the UK with our fully accredited ScarWork tutors Jan Trewartha. Sarah Nelson and Rachel Fisher will also soon be offering this course.

The practitioner training provides several techniques to enable the therapist to understand and help with the different types of scar and integrate ScarWork with their other therapy modalities to provide holistic support for their clients.

Specialist courses

Following the Practitioner Certification, there are a number of other courses available to further the therapists experience.

Jan Trewartha teaches Working with Pelvic and Abdominal Scarring.


Research will build the evidence base for ScarWork, expanding understanding of the benefits of ScarWork and how this intervention works. This will inform patients, practitioners and healthcare provider. We actively encourage research through raising funds to conduct resaerch and by making our findings available. To find out more, visit the Research page and the Evidence Based Articles section on the Resources page.